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Threat to Central Experimental Farm National Historic Site, Ottawa

Threat to Central Experimental Farm National Historic Site, Ottawa


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Threat to Central Experimental Farm National Historic Site, Ottawa

Heritage Ottawa
Sep 26, 2016
 The Central Experimental Farm is the target of potentially life-threatening surgery. Former Minister John Baird promised 60 acres to the Ottawa Hospital, with no consultation, not even with the owner department, Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada. The Farm is not only a national historic site, ... +read

National Trust Conference 2016 (Hamilton) - Heritage Rising

Chris Wiebe
Sep 16, 2016

Join the National Trust, the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals, and local and regional heritage partners in Hamilton at the Hamilton Convention Centre, October 20-22, 2016. Weve created a monster! Heritage Rising will be the largest, most ambitious conference program weve ever put to... +read

Demolition Decision Due in Old Town Lunenburg

Brian Arnott
Sep 16, 2016
On August 15th, the Heritage Advisory Committee of the Town of Lunenburg voted to approve the demolition of a building known as the Anderson Barn. This building is within the Old Town National Historic Site and is only one of two buildings specifically cited for its additional significance within ... +read

We're back!BHN Returns for another Season

Catherine Nasmith
Sep 12, 2016
A toast to you from my deck in Toronto
A toast to you from my deck in Toronto
Hi everyone, with the return to school I return to my BHN editor's desk after the usual BHN summer break.  Hoping you enjoy this compendium of the mail that has come my way over the last month or so.  I have been producing BHN for over 15 years, the time has gone by so quickly and over t... +read

In Situ: Reawakening The Small Arms Building

Kyle Wyskiel
Sep 12, 2016

From the outside, it would be hard to guess that it was constructed in 1941 to assemble and inspect rifles for Canadian troops during the Second World War. It would be easy to forget that it brought a workforce, comprised mostly of women, from all over Canada to work and aid in the war effort. Or th... +read

Government of Canada Seeking Candidates for the Historic Sites and Monuments Board

CAHP Newsrelease
Sep 12, 2016
The Government of Canada is seeking qualified candidates to serve on the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada (HSMBC). As you may be aware, the HSMBC is an advisory body that advises the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change and Minister responsible for... +read

Willowbank Presents: 2016 Stonesthrow Stone Festival

Crystal Bossio, Willowbank
Aug 10, 2016

Willowbank is proud to share the details of its 2016 Stonesthrow Stone Festival which will run the weekend of September 30th to October 2nd with additional certification courses on Monday October 3rd. This year's festival will feature a slate of short courses and lectures on traditional building met... +read

Demolition Hearing in Old Town Lunenburg

Brian Arnott
Aug 06, 2016

On August 23 2016, the Town of Lunenburg will hold a hearing to consider the application by a property developer to demolish a heritage structure on Pelham Street in Old Town Lunenburg. The Anderson Barn (1870) is a double garage-size residential lot barn associated with a residential heritage buil... +read

Urban Toronto: Interview with Harhay Developments

Chris Harhay's Mid-Rise Portfolio Grows Up

Stefan Novakovic
Sep 21, 2016
Harhay Project on Tecumseh
Harhay Project on Tecumseh
From the street, Harhay Developments' Toronto office is easy to miss. Located just west of Spadina on Richmond Street and housed inside a pair of conjoined Victorian buildings, the unassuming office is part of a row of historic, 19th-century homes. In a city perpetually transformed—and perpetu... +read

Globe and Mail: Conn Smythe's Heritage House

Community council votes to protect Conn Smythe

Jeff Gray
Sep 14, 2016
A house built for Toronto Maple Leafs founder Conn Smyth in a posh pocket of the citys west end should be designated as a heritage building, Etobicoke York Community Council said on Wednesday, voting to protect the home over the objection of the propertys new owners. The decision, which must now ... +read

Canadian Architect: In Memoriam Ted Teshima

In Memoriam: Ted Teshima

Sep 14, 2016

It is with a heavy heart that all current and former Moriyama & Teshima staff members say goodbye to Ted Teshima, one of the original partners of Moriyama & Teshima Architects, who passed away at home surrounded by family on September 2, 2016. Theodore Fujio Teshima, or Ted as we all knew h... +read

Architect Magazine: Modernist Heritage at Risk in Columbus Indiana

Is Columbus's Modernist Legacy at Risk?

Reed Karim, forwarded by Brian Dietrich
Sep 12, 2016
 Eliel Saarinen's First Christian Church
Eliel Saarinen's First Christian Church
Columbus, Ind., has one of the most celebrated concentrations of midcentury architecture in the country. But without any preservation laws, can the city protect that legacy?Special buildings are always best when you come upon them unexpectedly. So it was that I stumbled upon the First Christian Chur... +read

CBC: Toronto District School Board Repair Backlog

School repair backlog hits $3.4B: TDSB

Mike Smee
Sep 12, 2016

Toronto's public schools, with an average age of 60 years, are in desperate need of repairs, the Toronto District School Board said Monday, as it launched an online guide that shows exactly what repairs are awaiting funding at each of its 588 schools. Toronto's public schools, with an average age o... +read

Globe and Mail: Music Hall Renovation

Great Hall renovation shows Toronto is finally learning to appreciate its past

Sep 12, 2016

The continuing revitalization work being undertaken at The Great Hall (as seen from the northwest corner of Queen St. West and Dovercourt Rd.) is photographed on August 15 2016. (Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail) No earthquake, flood or hurricane destroyed old Toronto. No war laid it waste. Bulldozers a... +read

Toronto Star: Hamilton's Real Estate Market

Hamilton is having its moment

Tess Kalinowski
Sep 12, 2016
Luis Meza's coffee shop in Hamilton's historic Lister Block does a brisk weekday trade slaking the caffeine cravings of office workers and the construction crews who are transforming Steeltown's downtown. But it's the weekends when things get crazy at Mezza Cafe, says the owner. That's when the To... +read

Toronto Star: Archaeology, British Methodist Episcopal Church

Lets not Lose a Key Piece of Our City's Past

John Lorinc
Aug 31, 2016

Late last fall, a small team of archeologists completed excavating an unremarkable parking lot near Toronto city hall, a painstaking process that had captivated workers in the commercial towers overlooking the site for months. By the time the archeologists backfilled the site, located on Centre Ave... +read

OHA + M Blog: OMB turns down Rondeau Park HCD

What's wrong in Rondeau? Part two: OMB turns down HCD

Dan Schneider
Aug 26, 2016

To recap from last time: the owner of Rondeau Provincial Park, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, appealed the designation of part of the park to the Ontario Municipal Board. The basis for the appeal was that the Municipality of Chatham-Kent had exceeded its jurisdiction in designating ... +read

Quartz Africa: Timbuktoo

Destroying History is Now Being Charged as a War Crime

lily kuo
Aug 23, 2016

An Islamist fighter has pleaded guilty in the Hague for destroying parts of the fabled West African trading city of Timbuktu, in the International Criminal Court's first case based on the destruction of cultural artifacts. Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi has admitted today (Aug 22) to razing all but two of ... +read

Toronto Star:Letter to Editor re: Leaside Planning

Leaside deserves Kudos, Too

Geoff Kettel
Aug 01, 2016
Re: How Don Mills changed city-building, July 24 2016 I enjoyed reading Angela Boyd's piece. However not all of Macklin Hancock's big ideas were new. Garden city principles, such as the curving streets and separation of land uses, were already 40 years old in Canada, and well employed by Freder... +read

Toronto Star: Don Mills Planning

Once Upon a City: How Don Mills changed city building The new suburb in the sticks revolutionized urban planning in the 1950s.

Angela Boyd
Aug 01, 2016

For-sale signs were greeted with wild enthusiasm when E.P. Taylors Don Mills development project launched in 1953. No one knew it would turn out to be the most significant real estate project in Canada, influencing suburban development for decades. Postwar Toronto was starved for housing. This 834... +read

National Post: Over touristed World Heritage

Last chance to climb: Check out the view from the tallest Mayan temple in Mexico at Coba

Michael Benedict
Jul 14, 2016

The descent from the top of the pyramid is so steep that some people go down crab-like on their bottoms. After a tourist slipped and tumbled to her death walking down the pyramid at Chichén Itzá, Mexico's best-known Mayan site, climbing that pyramid is now off limits for tourists. stu... +read

Blog Toronto 5 Toronto buildings that might soon be lost

5 Toronto buildings that might soon be lost

Derek Flack
Jul 13, 2016
Davisville Junior School, photo Robert Moffatt
Davisville Junior School, photo Robert Moffatt
Toronto has made great strides when it comes to heritage preservation over the last decade, but that doesn't mean that every historical building is deemed worth saving. Modernist buildings in particular are under the greatest threat of redevelopment, as they're often architecturally undervalued or d... +read

National Trust Conference 2016
October 20 - 22, 2016
+ read
Willowbank 2016 Stonesthrow Stone Festival
September 30th - Opening Lecture and Dance
+ read
Continuing Education Course: Historic Streets of Toronto
Tuesdays, Sept. 6 - Oct. 25, 2016 (8 sessions)
+ read
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