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Architectural Conservancy Ontario Goes to Queen's Park

Catherine Nasmith, President ACO Toronto
Apr 14, 2015

42 representatives of Architectural Conservancy Ontario celebrated Heritage Week by visiting our MPP's. We obtained appointments with 27 Members of Provincial Parliament, 25% of the members, and have also been able to meet subsequently with a few more.  President Richard Longley wrote post eve... +read

HURRAH Better Searches on Biographical Dictionary of Architects in Canada

Catherine Nasmith
Apr 14, 2015

With this little note from Robert Hill, the diligent scholar behind Biographical Dictionary of Architects in Canada, the search for information on who built what in Canada just became easier.  "A quick note to tell you that our Dictionary website has now been redesigned with new search feature... +read

Clarendon Wood Pickering: Architect Unknown A Royal Whodunit-

Victor Russell
Mar 30, 2015
Early View of Clarendon Wood
Early View of Clarendon Wood
On October 2, 1912 a Toronto newspaper noted that English aristocrats, Lord and Lady Hyde, their two small children, and Lady Hyde’s brother, Lord Somers, had moved into a new house on their estate called Clarendon Wood. It was also reported that during the construction of the house in the sum... +read

Province applies to Destroy early 19th Century Whitevale Heritage

C. Gordon Wilson
Mar 30, 2015

Last night I learned the Government of Ontario (owner) has applied to demolish the home of John Major, founder of our village. I believe the house design is early Georgian and built here not too long after the end of the War of 1812. Before Truman Pennock White came to the village in 1845, Whiteval... +read

Toronto Star: Role of GG Nasmith in World War I

Toronto sanitation expert identified poison gas used at Ypres

Mitch Potter
Apr 26, 2015

When chivalry died in the trenches of Ypres a century ago with the dawn of chemical warfare, Canada didn’t know what hit it. Day after day, conflicting reports grappled with the nature of the greenish-yellow noxious cloud that descended upon the Western Front in the late afternoon of April 22... +read

The Record: Council De-designates to permit demolition

Kitchener's Mayfair Hotel demolition gets green light

Hannah Eden
Apr 24, 2015

KITCHENER — City council voted Thursday to remove heritage protection from the former Mayfair hotel, paving the way for its imminent demolition. The vote to withdraw the city's notice of intention to designate the Mayfair came despite an effort by Coun. Frank Etherington to defer the vote to ... +read


Nasmith Avenue History

Keith Lawrance, a curious resident of Nasmith Avenue in Toronto
Apr 23, 2015

April 22, 2015 - Have you ever been curious as to how Nasmith Avenue got its name? Well, today is an important day for that question as it's 100 years to the day of a significant event in Canadian history that might be related to the "Nasmith" of Nasmith Avenue. Nasmith Avenue is a relatively "new"... +read

Various: Monument to Victims of Communism

Many, Many Articles and Widespread Concern about this Design Mis-Step

Many, thanks to Barry Podolsfky for assembling the list of links
Apr 14, 2015
Ottawa Citizen Article March 24,2015 How John Baird erased "totalitarian" from the Victims of Communism Memorial  Globe and Mail article March 25,2015 +read

Toronto Star: The End of Viceroy Homes

Hammers go silent at Viceroy Homes

Susan Pigg
Apr 14, 2015

They are as iconic as cottage country sunsets. For 60 years Viceroy Homes have been distinctive fixtures atop the granite cliffs of Muskoka or centrepieces of sprawling properties across Canada. They are Canadiana at its best. Fashioned out of British Columbia lumber, with signature soaring windo... +read

CBC: Demolition by Neglect - Gore Park Buildings

'Demolition by neglect': Gore buildings rotting away

Apr 13, 2015
Raise the Hammer photo, Gore Park Buildings in 2013
Raise the Hammer photo, Gore Park Buildings in 2013
A strip of historic buildings lining Gore Park has endured two frigid winters exposed to the elements without heat, and now it's just a matter of time before they rot away, says the city's former head of heritage planning. This lengthy saga between the city and Wilson Blanchard is turning into just... +read

City Lab: Barcelona to Protect Historic Shops

Why Barcelona Is Giving Special Preservation Status to 228 Historic Stores

Feargus O'Sullivan
Apr 01, 2015
Sombrerería Obach is one of the soon-to-be-protected old shops in Barcelona. (Wikimedia Commons)
Sombrerería Obach is one of the soon-to-be-protected old shops in Barcelona. (Wikimedia Commons)
Barcelona is about to get a new, different breed of protected monuments. They aren't churches, museums, or archaeological sites. They're a candle shop, a costumier, a drugstore, a café, and a herbalist. These sites, along with 223 more, have just been selected by a city committee as being wor... +read

Continuing Education Course: Toronto's Neighbourhood Architecture
Tuesdays, May 5 - June 23, 2015 (8 sessions)
+ read
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