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Consultations on Ontario's Culture Strategy

Nov 23, 2015
Dear culture stakeholders,   As you’re aware, the Ontario government is currently holding public consultations to develop Ontario's first Culture Strategy.  The strategy will set out a vision for culture in the province and guide government support to the sector in the years to com... +read

Update on Uxbridge OMB Appeal

Jennifer Welch
Nov 23, 2015
The OMB Hearing for the Gould Estate wrapped up on Tuesday, November 16th. The hearing lasted 6 days, and now the OMB Board Member will have to make a decision whether to approve or not approve the Zoning By-law Amendment and Settlement Concept Plan (26 units plus relocated heritage house). We are n... +read

RAIC Statement on 24 Sussex Drive

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Nov 04, 2015
24 Sussex Drive
24 Sussex Drive
The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is pleased that the condition and future of the Prime Minister’s Official Residence at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa is finally receiving much-needed attention. The RAIC, which advocates for excellence in the built environment, lauds Prime Minist... +read

Waterloo Record: Richard Florida Speaking Waterloo

KITCHENER  Waterloo Region needs to start planning now for the negative impacts of an urban renaissance driven by an expanding technology sector, says renowned urban thinker and writer Richard Florida. The negatives include unaffordable housing, increa

Terry Pender
Nov 30, 2015

KITCHENER — Waterloo Region needs to start planning now for the negative impacts of an urban renaissance driven by an expanding technology sector, says renowned urban thinker and writer Richard Florida. The negatives include unaffordable housing, increased congestion and a nasty backlash from... +read

Toronto Star: Threat to Maple's Heritage

Is Vaughans heritage losing out to development?

Noor Javed
Nov 25, 2015

  The heart of the “village of Maple” is easy to miss. To most, Keele St. near Major Mackenzie Dr., is another busy intersection in Vaughan, where suburban commuters battle the weekday gridlock to make it to work and back home on time. But for long-time resident Jana Manolakos, t... +read

Toronto Modern: Blog celebrating Toronto's Modern Landmarks

Robert Moffat
Nov 25, 2015
Wonderful Blog with about 100 articles on important modern buildings in Toronto... +read

Toronto Star: Alan Redway and de-amalgamation for Toronto

The case for ending the Toronto megacity

David Rider
Nov 25, 2015

Alan Redway wants to take Toronto back to the future. In his new book: “Governing Toronto: Bringing Back the City that Worked,” the former East York mayor, Metro Toronto councillor and MP says a review of the city’s governance is overdue. He favours return to a Metro system —... +read

Daily Telegraph: Dwindling Church Congregations Britain

Rural vicars drowning amid battle to keep empty churches open

Nov 25, 2015

Rural clergy warned they are “close to drowning” under the pressure of maintaining multiple medieval buildings with dwindling congregations as the Church of England considers radical plans to scale back its ancient parish network to cope with decline. But the bishop overseeing a review ... +read

Globe and Mail: Great addition on a heritage building

Art Moderne landmark in Hamilton gets updated for modern life

Dave Le Blanc
Nov 24, 2015

In the early 1900s, it was the automobile. The luxury ocean liner took the teens, twenties and thirties. The forties and fifties were ruled by the propeller plane and the jet, and, in the 1960s, it was the rocket ship. Until the 1970s, when these were traded for the bicycle, we embraced newness, te... +read

The Globe and Mail: The bridge to Fort York

Fort York bridge will help Toronto progress into a more walkable future

Alex Bozikovic
Nov 24, 2015

Soon, Fort York will be a bit easier to invade. As of 2017, the historic downtown site will welcome visitors with a new pedestrian bridge over the neighbouring rail lines. It is a project that Rob Ford, as mayor, tried to kill in 2011. Now it will move ahead, and if you are looking for a metaphor f... +read

Globe and Mail: Victims of Communism Monument

Controversial communism monument

Canadian Press
Nov 24, 2015

Newly minted Heritage Minister Melanie Joly is promising a prompt decision on plans for a controversial memorial to victims of communism. Joly says she’ll decide on the project’s fate after talking to all stakeholders. The Harper government approved erecting the monument on a parcel ... +read

Globe and Mail: The 24 Sussex Debate

24 Sussex: What a totally sustainable reno should look like

John Lorinc
Nov 24, 2015

Unlike the vast majority of families who move into new digs, Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire, almost certainly didn’t get a home inspection in anticipation of taking possession of the house that comes with the job. But the prime-minister-designate, who was sworn in Wednesd... +read

Globe and Mail: Opinion 24 Sussex Drive

24 Sussex is a national treasure that should be restored, not demolished

Benjamin Shinewald
Nov 24, 2015

Everyone agrees that 24 Sussex Drive is a shambles, but no one agrees on what should be done with the place. From selling it to demolishing it, renovating it to rebuilding it, the ideas circulating speak to widespread public illiteracy with respect to the most basic elements of property management. ... +read

Dan Schneider BlogSpot: Ontario Heritage Act in the Courts

The OHA: what the courts have to say (part three), or... Port Dalhousie blues

Dan Schneider
Nov 24, 2015
 This time it’s not the courts but that powerful court-like tribunal, the Ontario Municipal Board. Reviled in some circles and respected (often grudgingly) in others, the OMB generally has not endeared itself to heritage folks.  We’ll look at one of the reasons why: its decisi... +read

This Place Matters: New Crowd Funding Program from the National Trust for Canada

National Trust for Canada
Nov 23, 2015

Starting with the successful This Lighthouse Matters Program in Nova Scotia, The National Trust for Canada has launched a platform to assist community groups with crowd funding to conserve heritage buildings. Get your project on the list.... +read

Under the Gardiner Website


Nov 23, 2015

There is a 1.75 km stretch of possibility in our city that is hidden in plain sight. We are about to transform a once forgotten space into vibrant common ground. Project: Under Gardiner will bring communities together, connecting every neighbourhood that it touches. This continuous passageway from ... +read

Chatham Daily News: Moving the Sicklesteel-Newkirk House

New home for Sicklesteel-Newkirk house

Ellwood Shreve
Nov 23, 2015

  A piece of Chatham-Kent's history has been moved to a new location. Continental Building Movers Ltd., from Melbourne, just west of London, and Hydro One, worked together on Tuesday to move the Sicklesteel-Newkirk property from its original location at 9722 Longwoods Road to its new location... +read

The Economist: Questioning "Urban Renewal" in Korea

Moonrise kingdoms: After decades trying to get rid of slums, moves are now afoot to preserve them

Nov 23, 2015

FEW buildings in Seoul were left standing in 1953 after the Korean war had ravaged the city. Since then it has seen relentless construction. Office blocks were built on land cleared of slums, and traditional homes replaced by blocks of flats. The mayor, Park Won-soon, deplores this “reckless&r... +read

Toronto Star: The Davenportage

Shawn Micaleff
Nov 22, 2015

“Why we do it is a mystery,” says Nicholas Brinckman. “There is no reason to walk across the city carrying a canoe on your back. It’s madness.” On Nov. 15, Brinckman and others will be doing just that for an event they call the Davenportage, a 17-kilometre portage betw... +read

Beach Mirror: Residents Work To Save Historic Building

Residents work to save historic Leslieville building

Joanna Lavoie
Nov 11, 2015

The Leslieville Historical Society (LHS) has embarked on its first major preservation challenge: saving 887 Queen St. E. at Logan Avenue  one of Leslievilles oldest commercial buildings  from demolition. The property in question, also known as the Burgess Building, is not included in the plans f... +read

Baptist News: Church Activities and Church Buildings

Steeples and Millennials  does church architecture matter? - See more at:

Nov 03, 2015
Steeples and Millennials — does church architecture matter?Efforts to abandon historic church architecture in favor of something more generic in order to attract younger worshipers may be short-sighted, say some ministers. By Jeff Brumley Chris Aho knows a thing or two about worshiping in co... +read

Panel on John Sewell's New Book
December 3,
+ read
Heritage Ottawa Free Public Lecture
Wednesday, December 9, 2015
+ read
Finn with an Oyster: The Story Behind Toronto's New City Hall
Wednesday, December 9
+ read
Riverdale Historical Society November Event
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
+ read
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