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OHA + M Blog: Bill 323 Clears Important Hurdle

Bill C-323 clears a hurdle

Dan Schneider
Apr 03, 2017
The Speaker: I declare the motion carried. Accordingly, the bill stands referred to the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development. ~ Hansard, March 23, 2017   By a vote of 150 to 140, Bill C-323, which would create a tax credit for the rehabilitation of historic proper... +read

Peterborough Examiner: Two Main Street Losses

Developer to proceed with demolition of Pig's Ear Tavern, Black Horse Pub, plans new 5-storey buildings

Joelle Kovach
Apr 03, 2017

    The developer who wants to tear down The Pig's Ear and The Black Horse says he's pleased that city councillors decided to forego a heritage designation on the buildings. Paul Dietrich, the owner of Parkview Homes, called it "good news". "We want to proceed with demolition, per the ... +read

Photo-documenting theTransformation of the Hearn Ruins

Generation: Designing New Spaces

Jonathan Castellino
Mar 09, 2017
Jonathan Castellino is a photographer based in the city of Toronto, Canada, and an adjunct architectural photography instructor at the Willowbank School of Restoration Arts. His work has appeared in magazines and journals such as Brick, Image, Spacing, and Now, and has been featured in &nb... +read

Places Journal - Unfinished New York

Belmont Freeman
Mar 07, 2017
New Yorks historic preservation community has been in celebratory mode this year, marking a half-century since the passage of the citys Landmarks Law. Observances will go national next year, with the fiftieth anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act. The Museum of the City of New York... +read

Algonquin College-Perth Campus Heritage Trades Summer Courses
Spring/Summer 2017
+ read
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