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T he National Trust Urges Federal Government to Revisit Transfer of Central Experimental Farm Lands

National Trust for Canada Release (Heritage Canada)
Nov 19, 2014
Ottawa, ON, November 19, 2014 – The National Trust for Canada wrote to the Hon. John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister Responsible for the National Capital Commission, today to request that the federal government revisit its decision to transfer 60 acres of the Central Experiment... +read

60 Acres to be Carved from Central Experimental Farm National Historic Site

Leslie Maitland, President, Heritage Ottawa
Nov 12, 2014
Central Experimental Farm National Historic Site Richard Hinchcliffe
Central Experimental Farm National Historic Site Richard Hinchcliffe
The Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital on Carling Road is a Frankenstein among hospital buildings. A new facility is well warranted and the Ottawa Hospital can count on my donation cheque when the new building campaign is launched. But why must a new facility be built on the grounds of the Central... +read

Heritage Champions and Ontario Municipal Elections

Catherine Nasmith
Nov 03, 2014
On his second run for office, heritage activist and Port Dalhousie resident Carlos Garcia has joined St. Catharines City Council. He will do a great job representing Port Dalhousie issues, and will bring a fresh voice to Council. Also, pleased to see ACO President's Circle member James Gordon electe... +read

Globe and Mail: Toronto's El Mocambo saved

Dragons' Den star breathes new life into the El Mocambo

Ann Hui
Nov 08, 2014

He came for the sign, but ended up buying the whole club. On the eve of its closing, Dragons’ Den star and entrepreneur Michael Wekerle announced that he has bought the landmark El Mocambo rock club and will preserve it as a live music venue. For months, owner Sam Grosso had been looking for... +read

Toronto Star: Optimism for Detroit

Detroit bankruptcy exit plan approved

Ed White
Nov 08, 2014

A judge on Friday approved Detroit’s plan to get out of bankruptcy, ending the largest public filing in U.S. history. DETROIT—A judge cleared Detroit to emerge from bankruptcy Friday, approving a turnaround plan that will require discipline after years of corruption, mismanagement and a... +read

Toronto Star:Toronto's Bloordale--A Main Street Revival

Bloordale takes back the future

Christopher Hume
Nov 08, 2014

Long-neglected Toronto neighbourhood livens up without succumbing to the sameness that sometimes comes with gentrification. After the drug dealers move on but before the Shoppers Drug Marts move in a neighbourhood in Toronto can, if lucky, find a modicum of balance that even when achieved is only t... +read

CBC: Weston Archaeological Dig Yields 57 Graves

Dozens of old graves found under Toronto church parking lot

Nov 04, 2014

Archeologists have discovered remains of at least 57 peopleArcheologists have found dozens of sets of century-old human remains under the parking lot of a Catholic church in Toronto. St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church, which is in the Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue West area, shares its... +read

Toronto Star: Tax Reduction saves Main Street Business

Mom-and-pop store saved by property tax reduction

Marco Chown
Nov 04, 2014

  Donny and Sue Lee have been running the Roxborough Smoke & Treats shop on Yonge St. for 12 years. Donny and Sue Lee’s mom and pop smoke shop on Yonge St. won’t have to shut down. In April, the Star published a story highlighting a 350 per cent property tax increase that wou... +read

Toronto Star: El Mocambo Sign in Danger

El Mocambo sign for sale on eBay

Tamara Khandaker
Nov 04, 2014

More than 60 people have already placed bids on the iconic El Mocambo Tavern entrance sign, which unexpectedly popped up on eBay on Monday afternoon. Posted by co-owner Sam Grosso, the price of the iconic neon palm tree sign was above $10,000 on Wednesday night with bidding to remain open until 2:0... +read

AA: The Architecture of David Lynch


Timothy Ivison
Nov 03, 2014
On the 23rd of October, there was a huge turnout for author Richard Martin’s new book ‘The Architecture of David Lynch’. The launch event at the AA Bookshop featured the author in conversation with architectural theorist Adam Kaasa, leading to a discussion of not only the book in q... +read

Toronto Star: Jaime Lerner at Urbanspace Gallery

Lerner fights congestion

Christoper Hume
Nov 03, 2014

As the wildly innovative former mayor of Curitiba, Brazil likes to say, the car has taken us as far as it can. “To me,” says Jaime Lerner, leaning in conspiratorially, “the car is the cigarette of the future.” Lerner, who served three terms as mayor of Curitiba, Brazil, sta... +read

CBC Radio: Talking Starchitecture post Gehry finger

Frank Gehry: Most architecture today has 'no sense of design, no respect for humanity'

Anna Marie Tremonte interview
Nov 03, 2014

Fiction's most famous architect, Howard Roarke, destroyed his own building. But you don't have to be a fan of the Fountainhead to want to demolish a lot of modern architecture. Which brings us to Frank Gehry, his outrage, the middle finger and the uneasy questions of Ego and Edifice. We're on Starch... +read

Globe and Mail: Gehry Retrospective as new Paris Museum Opens

Frank Gehry: With a new Paris museum open, the architect is far from finished

Alex Bozikovic
Nov 03, 2014

Frank Gehry was in Paris, and he was holding court. He’d just finished a day of press to unveil his new museum, the Fondation Louis Vuitton, and he was in a celebratory mood. As we sat in the café of a luxury hotel off the Champs-Elysées, friends and admirers – and Pharrell... +read

Stratford Beacon Herald:Designation of GTR Train Sheds Delayed

Cooper Heritage Decision Delayed

Mike Betz, forwarded by Dan Schneider
Nov 03, 2014
For full story follow link: Short version Stratford City Council deferred decision on designation of the GTR trainsheds to the incoming Council. Strong reasons for designation prepared by Heritage Stratford. ACO Stratford very active in support of preservation.... +read

Toronto's Great War Attic
Sunday, October 26, Spadina Museum
+ read
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