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Peterborough Examiner: Council leaves Downtown Properties in Jeopardy
Joelle Kovach | June 1, 2017

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Most downtown Peterborough properties left off heritage registry

City councillors voted to adopt a new list of buildings that deserve heritage protection on Monday, but they didn't agree to include all 100 properties suggested by city staff - they left out the majority of downtown properties, pending an overhaul of the city's Official Plan.

Councillors also added another caveat: they want consent from property owners, before their buildings are added to the registry.

The idea wasn't to put heritage designations on each of these properties. City staff had compiled a list of roughly 100 buildings - most of them downtown - that are historically significant.

Putting them on a registry would mean the property owner would need to wait 60 days before applying for a demolition permit (enough time for council to start the process of designation.)

City staff wrote in a report that it's about time the city adopts such a registry. Staff included properties such as St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, which has major structural deficiencies.

Ken Doherty, the city's community services director, urged councillors to consider adopting the registry (even without asking property owners' permission, first).

He said he'd be "very concerned" if council elected to wait any longer before adopting a registry.

"We have a distinct and intact 19th century downtown - which Peterborough is known for," Doherty said.

Meanwhile the city recently encountered controversy when a local developer obtained demolition permits to tear down both the Pig's Ear and the Black Horse; the developer wanted to build apartment buildings.

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