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Heritage Ottawa Free Public Lecture
A.W.N. Pugin and the Revolution in Residential Architecture

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Place:   St. Albans Church, 454 King Edward Ave, (enter on Daly Ave), Ottawa
Date:   Friday, September 26, 2014.
Time:   7:00pm
Cost:   Free
More Info:   This lecture is also the keynote of a two-day symposium, The Origins and Significance of Residential Gothic Architecture in Ottawa, including tours, lectures on Pugins influence in Ottawa, and an exhibit. Further information:
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From Issue No. 233 | September 26, 2014

A.W.N. Pugin, best known as a designer of Gothic churches and the decoration of the Palace of Westminster, perhaps had his greatest impact designing residences that were completely different from any historic precedent. Their most important feature was the pinwheel plan, where rooms revolve around a central staircase hall. This lecture will introduce us to Pugin and the Gothic Revival and the influence of his neglected domestic architecture on later English residential building.
Speaker: Architect and architectural historian Timothy Brittain-Catlin, University of Kent School of Architecture, specializes in early 19th-century English architecture. His 2004 doctorate from Cambridge on Pugins residential architecture led to his 2008 book The English Parsonage in the Early Nineteenth Century.
Info: 613.230.8841 or

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