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John M. Lyle Project Update

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More Info:   If you have any questions regarding the project, the funds or the tax receipts, please contact either Glenn McArthur at 416-203-3956, or Peggy Mooney, Heritage Toronto, Executive Director,, 416-338-0650.
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From Issue No. 118 | May 14, 2008

Im hoping you can help bring the last phase of the John M. Lyle project to life. The objective of the project is to promote the work of this historic Toronto architect and it consists of four components: a book, an exhibition, a video, and a website. The exhibition and video have been successfully completed and shown at the Design Exchange in Toronto and the School of Architecture, McGill University in Montreal ( and the website has been partially developed ( If you havent had the opportunity to see the highly successful exhibition in either Toronto or Montreal, we are happy to inform you that the show has just been scheduled for an eight-week run at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Entitled John M. Lyle: Past and Present, it opens on September 27 2008. The book has found a publisher, Coach House Press, one of Canadas most venerable presses, who have in the past forty years published books by Michael Ondaatje, Anne Michaels, and hundreds of others. The unfortunate reality of Canadian publishing for the type of book that can capture and do justice to its subject--one of this countrys pre-eminent architects--is that production and printing costs are borne by the author. Hence my appeal to you to now to help defray these expenses. Currently, we are fundraising for the printing component of the book. Estimated costs for the printing is $34,000 and we are now over the halfway mark, thanks to the generous contributions of family, societies and architectural firms. We have however exhausted the funding opportunities available through the arts councils and various foundations and in order to raise the remainder we have to turn to individuals who have a personal connection to either Lyle or myself. We are seeking donations of any sum that can bring us closer to bringing this project to a successful conclusion. The institution that will be holding the funds and issuing tax receipts for your donation is Heritage Toronto. Glenn McArthur The John M. Lyle Project is supported by Heritage Toronto. Charitable tax number: 11926 6609 RR 0001
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