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WORK THAT ENDURES: Power to the People Keeping Heritage Places Alive
Heritage Canada Foundation's 35th Anniversary Conference in partnership with CAHP & CLTA

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Place:   Chaussee des Ecossais, Quebec City
Date:   September 25, 2008 to
September 27, 2008
Cost:   varies - see registration
More Info:   This milestone conference also helps celebrate Quebec City's 400th anniversary! It will inform, empower and connect the 'force' - the people who make their living (or volunteer their time) researching, restoring, adapting, maintaining and interpreting our built environment. In co-operation with the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals and the Canadian Land Trust Alliance and in conjunction with the rues principales/Main Street Colloquiam on 24.Sept.2008.
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From Issue No. 118 | May 14, 2008

Numerous seminars, tours, workshops and social events. Keynote presentations and opportunities for involvement in many natural and built heritage sessions.
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