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Continuing Education Course: Toronto's Neighbourhood Architecture
presented by architectural historian Marta O'Brien

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Place:   University of Toronto downtown (St. George) campus
Date:   Tuesdays, Sept 11 - Oct 30, 2018 (8 sessions)
Time:   10:00 am- 12:00 pm
Cost:   $325
More Info:   Non-credit course; no assignments or tests.
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From Issue No. 271 | October 8, 2018

Toronto has often been described as a "City of Neighbourhoods." Some began as small villages or towns, while others were suburbs before joining the City. We'll explore the history of thirteen neighbourhoods by examining their architecture: the forms their homes, businesses, places of worship, and civic buildings took. Well also discuss issues surrounding the preservation of old buildings and the introduction of new structures. Examples include Yorkville, Parkdale, and Don Mills. One class is a walking tour.

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