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Daily Commercial News: Projects - Voltigeurs de Quebec Armoury revived after massive fire

PSPC FACEBOOK  The April 2008 fire at the Voltigeurs armoury headquarters in Quebec City sent the regiment packing for a decade. They returned May 12 of this year following the completion of the rebuild.
Don Wall

For the reconstructed armoury, the roofs of the central multifunctional room and the lobby are made from Massive Engineered Wood structures and CLT panels, which are covered externally with copper.

The recently completed $104-million restoration of the landmark Voltigeurs de Quebec Armoury at the Plains of Abraham in Q... +read

Globe and Mail: Leaside Photo Exhibition

Dave Le Blanc

When Toronto's upscale Leaside was a company town

Mister Company Man on the Company landStands every street and building in the townEvery park, every green,... +read

National Trust for Canada: Former Carnegie Library and City of Winnipeg Archives

Former Carnegie Library and City of Winnipeg Archives, Winnipeg, Manitoba
National Trust for Canada

The former Carnegie Library and City of Winnipeg Archives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is on the 2018 Top 10 Endangered Places List

Why it’s endangeredClosed in 2010 for construction and upgrades, a torrential June 2013 rainstorm tore t... +read

Architecture Daily: Top Five Refurbishment Projects

Diego Hernández

Meet the Three Winners of the 2018 ArchDaily Refurbishment in Architecture Award

The polls are closed and the votes are in! With nearly 15,000 votes cast over the last three weeks, we are ready to unveil... +read

Toronto Star: Remembrances of Stephen Otto

Stephen Otto on Queen Street West
Shawn Micallef

Stephen Otto was a champion of Toronto

... +read

Toronto Star: Say Goodbye to Terra Cotta House, 20 Jerome Street

Vjosa Isai

Historic 113-year-old terracotta-tiled home in west end to be demolished

A terracotta-tiled home nestled on Jerome St. in the west end has stood 1... +read

City Lab: Post Modernist Landmarks added to British Inventory

Fears O'Sullivan, forwarded by Geoff Kettel

Britain Wants to Protect Its Postmodernist Architecture

Following an an... +read in the Symes Road Destructor

Craft brewery moves into historic Toronto site once called 'the destructor'

Junction Craft Brewers has taken over former Sy... +read

Globe and Mail: University Avenue Toronto Bank of Canada Proposal

Alex Bozikovic

Leave Torontos old Bank of Canada building alone


Toronto Star: Death of Will Alsop, 70

Christopher Hume

Will Alsop, 70: British architect

... +read

Globe and Mail: Obituary Stephen A Otto

John Lorinc and Alex Bozikovic

Historical conservationist Stephen Otto mounted a victorious defence of Fort York


Raise the Hammer: Steve Otto writes on Frederick James Rastrick

Stephen A Otto, Feb 26, 2007, forwarded by Rob Hamilton

Frederick James Rastrick and the Changing Face of Hamilton in the 1850s

Frederick Rastrick designed some of the mos... +read

BlogTO: Design Competition for George Brown College

Entry by Shigeru Ban and Brook McIlroy
Lauren O'Neill

Toronto is getting a Stunning new building made of wood


Historica Canada Minute on Kensington Market

Baldwin Street, Catherine Nasmith

Kensington Market Heritage Minute launch

An interesting animated video on the evolution of Kensington Market, home to me and Built Heritage News.... +read

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